Alia Adel, A Film maker and a Photographer

Videos section

Some of the videos and films that I made. I worked on different projects and different genres, documentaries, commercials and social media advertisements.

Eman || Short Documentary

The Winner film in PepsiCo's Closing The Crop Campaign.
WINNER - Positive Short Film Honorary Award in
La Semaine du Cinema Positif à Cannes 2019

Bekia-Short Film

Documentary / Narrative

A story about a Robabika seller,
made for La biennale di venezia in Italy and produced by Bare Entertainment.




Papillons - Handmade Jewlery

Commercial / Documentary

A short film about a hand made jewelery brand named Papillons.

IZMY - Silver Handmade Jewelry

Commercial / Documentary

A commercial video I made for a silver hand made jewelry named Izmy

She Feeds The World || PepsiCo and CARE’s Project.

After Winning "Closing The Crop Gap"'s Campaign with Eman's Film As the most voted film, I had to work on a larger film featuring PepsiCo & CARE's project "She Feeds The World", helping women all over the world in the agriculture industry.

The story behind Dots


A documentary video about the story behind Dots space workspace.

Miniature Art’s Making


A short video showing the steps behind the magic of a miniature art project.

To do Ramadan 2018

Social media ad.

An advertisement video for the launching of To do Ramadan 2018 gift box

Agenda - 2018

A social media ad.

The launching of Mofakera Agenda 2018 advertisement 

To do Ramadan - Mofakera

Social media ad.

An advertisement video for the launching of To do Ramadan 2017 gift box